The" hakimul Ummah" of the Deobandis loved money through out his life!

He said " if I had Rupees 10,000 , I would have distributed among the people and they would have automatically become wahabis !
[ scan provided earlier in blog ]

But what was the last will of shaykh Thanvi?

Read it , from his biogrpahy 

Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanvi says :
" Take care of (first)wife after I am dead.Twenty people should contribute Rupee one each and should give it to my wife after I am dead...

And this humble man ( haqeer) married another woman in last Ramadhan in 1334 AH , so take care of her also after my death. Try to arrange Twenty Rupees monthly for her , or even Rupees Ten will do. You can also distribute Rupees fifteen monthly to my both wife after my death!

So this was the state of Shaykh Ashraf Ali thanvi who said in his book Hifzul iman
" The knowledge which prophet had , that type ( aysa) of knowledge is also possessed by lunatics, any tom and harry , child or any four legged animal"

For his filthy comment, showing disrespect to prophet , thirty three scholars of Makkah and Medina and two hundred and sixty eight scholars from Indian sub continet issued fatwa of Kufr on him.


Abdullah Naqshbandi

9th Zil Hijja, 1429

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